Registration Fee

  • Adults: $15 per individual contestant
  • Youth (16 and under): $10 per individual contestant
  • Band Contest: $25 per group

Please note: an individual may enter the Miscellaneous Acoustic Instruments contest only once per year; in other words, the contestant may not enter multiple times with different instruments.


  • 1st place: $150 guaranteed plus sum of all entry fees and a trophy.*
  • 2nd place: Certificate
  • 3rd place: Certificate
  • All youth entries receive a certificate of participation.

*For example, if 5 contestants enter, winner would received $150 PLUS $75 (5x$15)

Online registration closes at noon Saturday, the day before the event. (You can still register day of in person, see below)

Register Day Of

Instrument contest registration will be accepted until 40 minutes before the scheduled contest time. Band contest registration will be open one month prior to event but only 8 bands will be accepted. Any additional bands will get priority on the list for the following year.

Order of appearance for both instrument contests and band contest will be determined randomly shortly before the contest begins. Contestants are responsible for checking with the stage manager for their position in the contest. Second and third place prizes are not given if there are too few entries. Score cards will not be given out.


Dedicated to the purpose of providing a platform for participation in the promotion and preservation of traditional acoustic music.

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